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Motion Pro Rev3 Throttle Kit Grom 125

Motion Pro Rev3 Throttle Kit Grom 125

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Motion Pro Rev3 is one of the smoothest operating throttle kit available! Easily turn your throttle into a quick-throttle/short-throttle within minutes! Included reels allows for simple adjustments that will fit your riding style and comfort! Sleek and thin designs allows for cleaner handle bar set up!

Motion Pro Rev3 Throttle Kits are direct replacement for the Honda Grom 125!

Since it replaces the throttle control as well, be sure to also purchase the slim control switch for a cleaner look! Please see drop down menu or related items below! For plug and play version of the slim control switch, please take a look at the related item link, it would have an option for pre-wired plug and play slim switch option.

Kit includes:

  • Rev2 throttle assembly with throttle tube
  • Motion Pro Revolver black vinyl cables specifically designed for Honda Grom 125
  • Street/Road Race kits include Motion Pro RoadControl grips
  • Standard interchangeable reels: 35mm, 40 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm
  • Street/Road Race cam reel

Additional production information:

  • The most advanced variable rate throttle in the world
  • Innovative reel changing system lets you tailor the throttle rate to riding conditions and rider preference
  • Ultra-compact housing with snap-together elbows make it easy to install and change reels
  • New sleek design requires less handlebar space for lever clearance and throttle position
  • Use smaller reels for slower throttle rate and larger reels for faster throttle rate
  • Included cam reel provides progressive throttle response preferred by some riders
  • Unique reel design allows fast reel changes
  • Cable boot keeps dirt and dust out for reliable and smooth operation
  • Billet aluminum inline cable adjusters for easy installation and adjustment
  • Lower section of cables use 5 mm housing with PTFE liner for reduced friction, increased routing flexibility and lighter weight
  • Upper section of cables use 6 mm housing to provide solid support of adjusters
  • Simple to install and maintain
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